Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Laura Voss, Creative Director

Laura has a background in Game Design, Psychology and Drama. She loves to make games that can bring people together. Laura leads with a bizarre sense of humour and positive enthusiasm. She also loves a good faceswap.

Simon Pederick, Technical Director

Simon comes from a Web Design and Computer Science background. When he's not in the office, Simon's either whipping up his own projects or smashing out some ShenZhen I/O. Cooks a great Tikka Masala.

Joe Park, Studio Director

Joe comes from a Mobile Development and Computer Science background. He is the designated business guy at the company and when he's not looking at spreadsheets he is busy raiding in Azeroth. Loves a good dad joke.

Elise Zinna, Lead Designer

Elise's background is in Game Design and Photography. She conjures up intricate and difficult puzzles that surprise her team mates on a daily basis. Elise loves a shooter and everything Wonder Woman.

Tyson Brown, Animator

Tyson studied Game design and Digital Media. Being an Animator he loves cartoons along with Disney and Pixar Films. His inventions include the toothbrush and the Wheel.

Ben Harmon, Artist

Ben has a background in Graphic Design and Photography. He loves all things design, especially when it comes to creating characters and environments. When he is not making art he is riding his bike around town. He's trying to quit coffee and struggling.